Vanquish the Void

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Vanquish the Void
Event Mission
Avatar Administrator 12.png
Location: Administrator 12 (Afterlife)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Void Creature.
Reward: Void Reaver Blade E
Mission Chain: Heartbreaker Saga 2 (Part 1)
EVP > Lost Son > Lifetime Memories > I Doubt They're Friendly > Vanquish the Void > Breakdown of Diplomacy > Broken Defenses > Seven Deadlies > Dispel the Demon > Father and Son
Mission Text
Before Completion
It isn’t just the Living that have made their way here inappropriately. Somehow creatures from the Void have made their way into the Afterlife as well. The poor souls trapped here are tormented by these abominations.

Relieve our suffering for a sweet moment by defeating one of the Void Creatures.
After Completion
My sincere thanks, Citizen. Unfortunately, right now “Rest in Peace” seems like a pipe dream. How I long for the serenity of paperwork.