Void Harvest

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Void Harvest
Event Mission
Avatar Titan.png
Location: Titan (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Void Essence.
Reward: 2500 Credits
Mission Chain: Titan's Tyranny Part 3
Void Harvest > Nuclear Pickpocket > Elemental Engineering > Encroaching Roaches > A Better Brain > Angelic Ammo > Celestial Cannon > Divine Protection > Pierce the Nightmare > Godkiller (Mission)
Mission Text
Before Completion
The villain is finally revealed, but he is wise enough to stay in his own dimension, where he is most powerful. To drive a stake into the heart of this Nightmare Titan, you will require a weapon of incredible power. To craft this weapon, you will require Void Essence, which can be acquired by defeating the most powerful Void Creatures. 1 sample should be enough to commence the crafting process!
After Completion
Void Essence is an extremely powerful substance in the right hands, and doubly so in the wrong hands. We have one more ingredient left to obtain.
  • When this mission was released you had to turn in 3 Void Essences.
  • On September 2nd 2019 it was changed to 1 and the players who had completed this mission by turning in 3, were rewarded with the Void Harvester achievement.