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EpicDuel Wiki Rules

The following are the rules of the wiki, be sure to review these before editing any pages. If your edit violates any of these rules, it may be deleted and a warning/ban may be issued.

Please note that the rules are subject to change at any moment. By creating a wiki account, you agree to follow these rules and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to keep up to date if any may change.

If you need help with a rule, please contact a wiki staff member (see links at the bottom of the page).

Behavioral Rules Content Page Editing Rules Non-Content Page Editing Rules
  • No inappropriate language.
  • Don't impersonate or act like Artix Entertainment or Wiki Staff. AE Staff can verify their account by contacting a wiki staff member.
  • Don't hack the wiki, join a hackathon instead.
  • Any non-English text must contain an English translation from Google Translate.
  • Don't vandalize pages.
  • Follow the Editing Requirements.
  • Don't make pages with barely any content on them.
  • Don't post unreleased or staff only content.
  • Full view and relative size images for weapons and armors can only be added by wiki staff members.
  • User pages must contain the "User:" prefix.
  • Don't create new faction pages on the wiki. Existing faction pages can continue to be updated.
  • Don't move your user page or talk page.
  • Don't edit someone else's user page or faction page without permission.
  • Don't edit someone else's message on a talk page.
  • Don't create user pages for users that aren't registered on the wiki.
External Linking Rules Image Rules Signature Rules
  • No advertising or referral links.
  • The external link must be appropriate. Seek approval from a wiki staff member if you are unsure.
  • Must not contain inappropriate content.
  • Excessively large images will be deleted immediately.
  • Unused images (>2 weeks) may be deleted.
  • Must only contain links to your user page and talk page.
  • Can contain an image up to 50 x 50 pixels in size.
Wiki Staff Contact Links
If you need to contact a wiki staff member, please use one of the links below.
White Tiger
Battleon pm.gif Twitter icon.png
Battleon pm.gif Twitter icon.png
Senior Administrator
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