Coming Home

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This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Coming Home
Event Mission
Avatar Biodome.png
Location: Myxoma (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Turn in 4 Spare Parts.
Reward: Equipment Pack
Mission Text
Before Completion
I'm done risking my neck for this planet. Maybe the next one will suite my tastes better. See, that Hazard let us down into some kind of library and we discovered our ancestors came from a place called Orychtolagus where it's rabbits who rule. To get there, we need to build a spaceship.

Talk to Hank, Mirv, Raymus and Naomi for the Spare Parts, and I'll get them together for Mr. Cottontail. If you aren't too busy, Lepus or those guys in the Archives might have a gig for you.
After Completion
Thanks for the help!