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This feature was removed in EpicDuel Omega 1.5.0

On April 8th, 2011, the EpicDuel developers released a new feature that would allow players to buy a weapon 4 levels below its actual level requirement. However, when equipped, the weapon's damage is decreased depending upon the difference between the player's level and the weapon's level requirement.

How it Works

For each level you are under the requirement, you lose 1 Damage Point.


This informational block in-game explains it more thoroughly:

Encumberance explaination.jpg

This features applies to all Primaries, Secondaries, Auxiliaries, and Armors.

Note that the minimum defence/resistence gain from armors is 1. For example, if you equip a +2 def armor 3 levels early, it will still give +1 def.