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This feature was removed in EpicDuel Omega 1.5.0

Enhancements are like an extra stat bonus for the weapon or armor that you are enhancing. How many times you can enhance something depends on how many enhancement slots that item has. Enhancing costs varium or a lot of credits. The more enhancements you have, the greater the cost. Primary Weapons, Sidearms, Auxiliaries, and Armors can be enhanced.

You can also enhance with a combination of Credits and Varium. For example, you have a Charfade's Blaster, with 8 enhancements. You can use 7000 credits to enhance it to 2 , then use 1100 Varium to enhance it the rest of the way.

If you are doubting on where to use varium, credits or a hybrid, you may want to consider this:
The Credits per varium rate isn't the same for each extra enhancement slot, here's an example:

If you have 1 enhancement, and you want a second one, you can pay either 50 varium or 3500 credits, so the credit to varium rate it (3500/50) = 70, now, if you want a third enhancement slot, you can pay either 100 varium or 12,000 credits, so the credit to varium rate is (12,000/100) = 120

You save most by buying enhancements with varium as the credit/varium rate is higher!

Here's a full list of credit to varium rates:

  • Slot 1: 70
  • Slot 2: 70
  • Slot 3: 50
  • Slot 4: 80
  • Slot 5: 50
  • Slot 6: 100
  • Slot 7: 120
  • Slot 8: 120
  • Slot 9: 120
  • Slot 10: 120

      It is strongly advised to buy at least the third slot, and the fifth slot with credits.