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Welcome to Orange Paradise

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Faction Intro

Welcome to Faction:Orange Paradise!


No Level Requirement, Just have to be Active

Founder Title Last Active Influence
LudiciumCentral Station War2 days ago15,301
Buffys 3Central Station WarToday5,193
D I E H A R DCentral Station WarToday3,894
asdfghjjasddfvgfghCentral Station WarToday3,227
.Russomaluko.Central Station WarToday1,806
QuantamMember33 days ago7,681
Omega Chaos DragonMember25 days ago7,006
Blue SnowballMemberToday2,328
Gandolphin The WhaleMemberToday1,254
Peek A B00MemberToday361
XxxSmoshpitxxXMember7 days ago212
firzaproMember5 days ago151
Dios Joker XMember4 days ago0
Knock ur HeadMemberYesterday0
Death Killer 1234Member6 days ago0


Faction Level and Influence

Level 8 - Veterans - 281,706


Orange Paradise is aligned with Exile. It has 0 World Dominations and 130 alignment victories.

Solo (1vs1) Wins

Orange Paradise currently has 19,823 1vs1 wins, It has 0 1vs1 Championships.

Team (2vs2) Wins

Orange Paradise currently has 9,859 2vs2 wins. It has 1 2vs2 Championships.

Juggernaut (2vs1) Wins

Orange Paradise currently has 967 2vs1 wins. It has 0 2vs1 Championships.