Heavy Mechachillid (Level 30)

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Heavy Mechachillid
Baelius spent years building this Vault. Claws and swords and bombs destroyed it in weeks. Now what, humans? More war? If you would work together to create and not destroy, you would see how much more you could accomplish.

Then again, I'm just a drone, so what do I know?
Location: Infernal Mines
Stats & Skills
Stats Skills
Level: 30
Health: 1100
Energy: 1250
Defense: 210 - 230
Resistance: 180 - 210
Primary: 390 - 430 (Physical Damage)
Sidearm: 500 - 540 (Energy Damage)
Berzerker.png Berzerker (Level 2)
BloodLust.png Blood Lust (Level 9)
CheapShot.png Cheap Shot (Level 4)
DeadlyAim.png Deadly Aim
DefenseMatrix.png Defense Matrix (Level 2)
DoubleStrike.png Double Strike (Level 5)
FieldMedic.png Field Medic (Level 3)
Reroute.png Reroute (Level 2)
  • Can be challenged.