Infernal Android E

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Infernal Android

Robot Details
Damage: 170 + (Technology Bonus) + (Focus Level x 40)
Damage Type: Energy
Special Ability:
Infernal Impaler E
Calls in your Robot to attack your enemy
Infernal Overload E
Deals 91% base damage, increasing by 3% each round in battle (115% cap)
Location: The Lawman (The Lawman's Suite)
Credit Price: Creditsicon.png 35000
Credit Sellback: Creditsicon.png 17500
Varium Price: Variumicon.png 1495
Varium Sellback: Variumicon.png 224
  • Players who owned an Infernal Android prior to the Omega 1.6.67 release on the 1st of December in 2016, received this robot for free.

Infernal Impaler E


Infernal Overload E