Silas Auer

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Silas Auer
Twenty years ago, John St. Alban took my face.
Now, he won't be satisfied until he's taken my
spirit. We did not lose through your error, but
mine. This was a couple of old men bearing a 20
year grudge, and I dragged you into it. Not just
you, but my own child. I can never forgive
myself for putting her in harm’s way.

But now is not the time to sit back and accept
defeat: we’ve put a horrifying, unimaginable
weapon into the hands of a man with... shall we
say “ambiguous morals” and God only knows
what the Lawman will do with such power.

I’ll make this right, Citizen. I have to.
Location: Wasteland
Shop: Silas Auer's Inventory Tag-rare.png
Missions: Silas Auer's Missions
  • Boss