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Here's a tip, if you want to be good in 2v2 battles then when you retrain you max up multi shot, stun grenade and/or field medic.

If you like doing 2v2 battles then don't even bother maxing or lvling let alone have massacre because it's useless in 2v2 battles because by the time its warmed up the battle will likely be over, multi and stun are more important.

If you want to be good in 1v1 battles then max up smoke screen and blood lust, increase your strength to somewhere over 35 and have massacre at level 1. if you do this massacre can do damage like this 4,4,5,5,5,5,23. 100% proved by Warlixapprentice.


The move Stun Grenade does not work every time it hits, it 3. I would be best if you changed that or made A diff move like the Mercenary class.