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Warevent Barrens.png
Defending forces are attempting to defend the powerful Barrens Turret Array. Win PvP battles for a chance to earn EMP Bombs and Super EMP Bombs and attack the Hacking Terminals.

Attacking armies are attempting to undermine their control through Hacking Terminals. Win PvP battles for a chance to earn Signal Boosters and Super Signal Boosters and hacking the Turret Control Panel using Hacking Terminals.

The War Commander x10 primary passive skill core can be used to guarantee a war drop from every PvP victory. EMP Bombs can be upgraded to Super EMP Bombs for 125 Varium at any Hacking Terminal objective. Signal Boosters can be upgraded to Super Signal Boosters for 125 Varium at any Hacking Terminal objective. Super Signal Boosters and Super EMP Bombs can also be purchased at the Barrens Outpost Ammo Depot for 195 Varium.

Barrens Outpost War Objectives
Image Description
Turret Control Panel
(Primary Objective)
The Turret Control Panel allows the defending forces to launch missiles across the Barrens Outpost.
Hacking Terminal
(Finisher Objective)
As the Turret Control Panel becomes hacked, this Hacking Terminal allows more lines of code to be written.
Hacking Terminal
(Health Objective)
As this Hacking Terminal loses health, it allows more lines of code to be written on the Turret Control Panel.
Hacking Terminal
(Standard Objective)
This Hacking Terminal allows the attacking forces to remotely write code on the Turret Control Panel.

War Rank Achievements

War Item Achievements

War Prizes
All players will receive all the prices available for whichever tier they qualify for, however the item prize (treasure chest) is only available to players of the winning alignment.

Commander Prize (5,000 Infuence): 10,000 Credits and 10 Arcade Tokens
Seageant Prize (2,500 Infuence): 5,000 Credits and 5 Arcade Tokens
Private Prize (1,000 Infuence): 2,500 Credits and 2 Arcade Tokens
Rookie Prize (250 Infuence): 1,000 Credits
War Start Date Winner Prize
January 2015 Icon exile 32x32.png Exile Chaos Juggernaut Armor
September 2016 Icon exile 32x32.png Exile Barrens Battlesuit
July 2017 Icon exile 32x32.png Exile Xenoforged Destructor E
March 2018 Icon exile 32x32.png Exile Molecular Disruptor E