Administrator 10

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Administrator 10
So, you think the battle is won just because you have a few battles under your belt? Let me assure you that isn't the case, citizen. See, I have certain... interests in this conflict. Interests that started long before the previous 10th District Administrator had his unfortunate accident.

The Control Array is baffling even to me - Baelius is notorious for keeping even his most trusted advisors in the dark for his "special" projects. All I know is it was closely linked with another secret project deep in the Infernal Mines. Project "Resurrection". Ominous, no?

With the Legion army I've assembled here, cracking its secrets is only a matter of time - time which can only be purchased by righteous bloodshed! Not mine of course -- that's what the grunts are for!
Location: Dread Plains
Shop: Administrator 10's Inventory
Missions: Administrator 10's Missions
Drops: Administrator 10 Slayer
Nemesis Egg
Stats & Skills
Stats Skills
Level: Boss (Ally Required)
Health: 10000
Energy: 10000
Defense: ?? - ??
Resistance: ?? - ??
Primary: ?? - ?? (Energy Damage) Dread Destroyer E
Sidearm: ?? - ?? (Physical Damage) Dread Disruptor P
Auxiliary: ?? - ?? (Physical Damage) Dread Desolator P
Berzerker.png Berzerker (Level 4)
CheapShot.png Cheap Shot (Level 5)
DoubleStrike.png Double Strike (Level 5)
FieldMedic.png Field Medic (Level 5)
Fire Scythe.png Fire Scythe (Level 5)
Overload.png Overload (Level 3)
PlasmaGrenade.png Plasma Grenade (Level 9)
Reroute.png Reroute
StunGrenade.png Stun Grenade (Level 5)
  • Can change your class for 900 Varium or 50,000 Credits.
  • Can change your alignment to Legion for 1250 Varium.
  • Can be challenged. Awards Administrator 10 Slayer if defeated.
  • You can purchase Varium for Artix Points from this NPC.