A Good Beatin’!

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A Good Beatin’!
Permanent Mission
Avatar TheonofOdosius.png
Location: Theon of Odosius (Infernal Mines)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Theon of Odosius 1 time.
Reward: 2000 Credits
Mission Chain: Hunt for the Yutilian Shards
Search for the Primo Shard > Search for the Secondo Shard > Search for the Terzo Shard > A Good Beatin’! > A Bounty Well Deserved!
Mission Text
Before Completion
Yea, that's right, it's all mine, low-life! You're nothing to me but an expendable Guinea Pig!

Oh you don't agree? Fine! I guess we'll have to settle this the old fashioned way...And I'm not talking about drawing straws either! En garde, low-life!
After Completion
A-agh... It can't be... a low-life like ya beating me! I can't accept this... what will everyone back home think of me now! I can't.. I can't let myself lose, not anymore! I need to win... No, I MUST WIN! Fight me back if you're man enough!

Ugh, whatever... It's no use. You won the fight fair and square... Now run off and collect your stupid treasure already!