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The EpicDuel Wiki Staff consists of Bureaucrats, and Administrators who maintain the high level of accuracy in the wiki. Staff members also moderate the wiki to prevent Vandalism. The EpicDuel Wiki staff is not related to Artix Entertainment staff and possess no powers or privileges in-game.

To find out more about how to become a staff member, visit Help:Becoming a Wiki Administrator.

List of Staff

The following is a list of current staff in order of rank & seniority. To find out more about the wiki hierarchy, visit EpicDuel Wiki:Hierarchy.

Name Position Contact
Al Gilman System Administrator
White Tiger Bureaucrat
Battleon pm.gif Twitter icon.png
8x Bureaucrat
Battleon pm.gif Twitter icon.png
Valencia Senior Administrator
Battleon pm.gif Twitter icon.png
Former Staff
Mecha Mario Former Senior Administrator
TankMage Former Senior Administrator
FFelipe Former Junior Administrator
Ranloth Former Junior Administrator
Nodelborgosmaster Former Junior Administrator
SMGS Former Administrator
The Doctor Former Bureaucrat
Ashari Former Bureaucrat
Jimmyhou Former Administrator
SirValor Former Administrator
Archlight 101 Former Administrator
Soliqe Former Administrator