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Achievement Shop

Achievement Interface

10 Year Anniversary Tag-rare.png Battletokenicon.png 0 Battle Tokens
2020 Victory Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 20200 Credits
Ace Creditsicon.png 1750 Credits
Ammo Creditsicon.png 700 Credits
Annihilator Creditsicon.png 3500 Credits
Assaulter Creditsicon.png 350 Credits
Australia Day 2020 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Australia Day 2021 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Beta Tester Tag-rare.png Battletokenicon.png 0 Battle Tokens
Big Game LIII Tag-seasonal.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Big Game XLIV Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Big Game XLV Tag-rare.png Battletokenicon.png 1500 Battle Tokens
Big Game XLVI Tag-rare.png Battletokenicon.png 1500 Battle Tokens
Big Game XLVII Tag-rare.png Battletokenicon.png 1500 Battle Tokens
Big Show 2018 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Big Show 2019 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Big Show 2020 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Bio Hazard Creditsicon.png 1200 Credits
Birth of Titan Tag-seasonal.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Bomb Creditsicon.png 350 Credits
Caden's Wheel Creditsicon.png 5250 Credits
Cake Creditsicon.png 5250 Credits
Centurion Creditsicon.png 700 Credits
Champion Creditsicon.png 700 Credits
Clover Creditsicon.png 5250 Credits
Coffee Creditsicon.png 525 Credits
Dage's Friday The 13th Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 9191 Credits
Defender Creditsicon.png 350 Credits
Delta Knight Tag-rare.png Battletokenicon.png 0 Battle Tokens
Devastator Creditsicon.png 3500 Credits
EMP Creditsicon.png 700 Credits
Eight Ball Creditsicon.png 700 Credits
Elite Engineer Creditsicon.png 1050 Credits
Enforcer Creditsicon.png 1400 Credits
Engineer Creditsicon.png 490 Credits
Evil Overlord Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Exile Creditsicon.png 3500 Credits
Fighter Creditsicon.png 350 Credits
Firestarter Creditsicon.png 1750 Credits
Friday The 13th Tag-seasonal.png Creditsicon.png 9191 Credits
Friday The 13th (2019) Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 9191 Credits
Frost Warrior Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 17500 Credits
Frost Warrior 2.0 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 17500 Credits
Frost Warrior 3.0 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 17500 Credits
Frost Warrior 4.0 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 17500 Credits
Gamma Tester Tag-rare.png Battletokenicon.png 0 Battle Tokens
Gladiator Creditsicon.png 5250 Credits
Guard Helm Creditsicon.png 350 Credits
HalloWarrior Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 17500 Credits
HalloWarrior 2.0 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 17500 Credits
HalloWarrior 3.0 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 17500 Credits
Healer Creditsicon.png 350 Credits
Heart Breaker Creditsicon.png 5250 Credits
Heroic Memorial Tag-seasonal.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Hitman Creditsicon.png 2100 Credits
Independence Day Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Independence Day 2 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Insomniac Creditsicon.png 1925 Credits
Legion Creditsicon.png 3500 Credits
Massacre Creditsicon.png 7000 Credits
MechQuest Anniversary Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Nightwraith's Friday The 13th Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 9191 Credits
Nuclear Creditsicon.png 875 Credits
Olympic Games Tag-seasonal.png Creditsicon.png 14000 Credits
Olympic Games 2012 Tag-rare.png Battletokenicon.png 2012 Battle Tokens
Omega Endures Creditsicon.png 0 Credits
Omega Overlord Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 0 Credits
One X Six Tag-rare.png Battletokenicon.png 1111 Battle Tokens
Peace Creditsicon.png 350 Credits
Protector Creditsicon.png 980 Credits
Sharpshooter Creditsicon.png 1750 Credits
Slayer Creditsicon.png 1750 Credits
Stun Creditsicon.png 525 Credits
Super Defender Creditsicon.png 700 Credits
Survivor Creditsicon.png 4200 Credits
Talk Like a Pirate Tag-seasonal.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
The Big Game Tag-seasonal.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Turkey Terminator Tag-seasonal.png Creditsicon.png 17500 Credits
Visionary Creditsicon.png 1750 Credits
Warhead Creditsicon.png 700 Credits
Women's World Cup 2019 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
World Cup Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
World Cup 2018 Tag-rare.png Creditsicon.png 10500 Credits
Yin Yang Creditsicon.png 700 Credits

Dumpster Burger Creditsicon.png 500 Credits
Single Burger Creditsicon.png 1000 Credits
Single Burger with Cheese Creditsicon.png 2000 Credits
Single Deluxe Burger Creditsicon.png 4000 Credits
Double Deluxe Burger Creditsicon.png 8000 Credits
Double Bacon Burger Creditsicon.png 16000 Credits
Triple Bacon Burger Creditsicon.png 32000 Credits
Triple Meat Burger Creditsicon.png 64000 Credits
Mega Meat Burger Creditsicon.png 128000 Credits
Heart Attack Burger Creditsicon.png 256000 Credits
Titan Burger Creditsicon.png 512000 Credits

Tamago Egg Sushi Creditsicon.png 300 Credits
Seaweed Salad Sushi Creditsicon.png 600 Credits
Avocado Sushi Creditsicon.png 1200 Credits
Surf Clam Sushi Creditsicon.png 2400 Credits
Sweet Shrimp Sushi Creditsicon.png 4800 Credits
Wild Tuna Sushi Creditsicon.png 9600 Credits
Tobiko Egg Sushi Creditsicon.png 19200 Credits
Salmon Roe Sushi Creditsicon.png 38400 Credits
Fish Taco Sushi Creditsicon.png 76800 Credits
Kracken Burger Sushi Creditsicon.png 153600 Credits
Spring Donut Sushi Creditsicon.png 307200 Credits
Maple Bacon Sushi Creditsicon.png 614400 Credits

Stale Cookie Creditsicon.png 500 Credits
Store-bought Cookies Creditsicon.png 1000 Credits
Cookie Stack Creditsicon.png 2000 Credits
Double Cookie Stack Creditsicon.png 4000 Credits
Cookie Mound Creditsicon.png 8000 Credits
Deluxe Cookie Mound Creditsicon.png 16000 Credits
Indulgent Cookie Mound Creditsicon.png 32000 Credits
Decadent Cookie Mound Creditsicon.png 64000 Credits
Excessive Cookie Mound Creditsicon.png 128000 Credits
Regal Cookie Mound Creditsicon.png 256000 Credits
Guilded Cookie Feast Creditsicon.png 512000 Credits
Imperial Cookie Feast Creditsicon.png 768000 Credits
Epic Cookie Banquet Creditsicon.png 1024000 Credits
Titan's Cookie Banquet Creditsicon.png 1280000 Credits

Colored Egg
Grey Egg Creditsicon.png 500 Credits
Green Egg Creditsicon.png 1000 Credits
Blue Egg Creditsicon.png 2000 Credits
Purple Egg Creditsicon.png 4000 Credits
Magenta Egg Creditsicon.png 8000 Credits
Red Egg Creditsicon.png 16000 Credits
Aqua Egg Creditsicon.png 32000 Credits
Bronze Egg Creditsicon.png 64000 Credits
Silver Egg Creditsicon.png 128000 Credits
Gold Egg Creditsicon.png 256000 Credits
Rainbow Egg Creditsicon.png 512000 Credits

Broken Cane Creditsicon.png 500 Credits
Sour Boogers Cane Creditsicon.png 1000 Credits
Peppermint Cane Creditsicon.png 2000 Credits
Spearmint Cane Creditsicon.png 4000 Credits
Blueberry Cane Creditsicon.png 8000 Credits
Bubble Gum Cane Creditsicon.png 16000 Credits
Orange Cream Cane Creditsicon.png 32000 Credits
Tropical Fruit Cane Creditsicon.png 64000 Credits
Chocolate Cane Creditsicon.png 128000 Credits
Bamboo Cane Creditsicon.png 256000 Credits
Diamond Cane Creditsicon.png 512000 Credits
Spiky Grape Cane Creditsicon.png 768000 Credits
Death Cane Creditsicon.png 1024000 Credits
Lemon Gold Cane Creditsicon.png 1280000 Credits

Broken Shark Tooth Creditsicon.png 500 Credits
Shark Tooth Creditsicon.png 1000 Credits
Polished Shark Tooth Creditsicon.png 2000 Credits
Shark Teeth Creditsicon.png 4000 Credits
Shark Jaw Creditsicon.png 8000 Credits
Mounted Shark Jaw Creditsicon.png 16000 Credits
Gold Shark Jaw Creditsicon.png 32000 Credits
Platinum Shark Jaw Creditsicon.png 64000 Credits
Diamond Shark Jaw Creditsicon.png 128000 Credits
Shark Trophy (Achievement) Creditsicon.png 256000 Credits
Great Shark Trophy Creditsicon.png 512000 Credits
Mega Shark Trophy Creditsicon.png 768000 Credits
Legendary Shark Trophy Creditsicon.png 1024000 Credits
Sharktopus Creditsicon.png 1280000 Credits
Shark God Creditsicon.png 1560000 Credits

Beard Titan
Smooth Titan Creditsicon.png 1000 Credits
Stubbly Titan Creditsicon.png 2000 Credits
Stache Titan Creditsicon.png 4000 Credits
Soul Patch Titan Creditsicon.png 8000 Credits
Goatee Titan Creditsicon.png 16000 Credits
Scraggly Titan Creditsicon.png 32000 Credits
Grizzled Titan Creditsicon.png 64000 Credits
Bearded Titan Creditsicon.png 128000 Credits
Majestic Beard Titan Creditsicon.png 256000 Credits
Legendary Beard Titan Creditsicon.png 512000 Credits

Tiny Heart Creditsicon.png 500 Credits
Paper Heart Creditsicon.png 1000 Credits
Heart Creditsicon.png 2000 Credits
Great Heart Creditsicon.png 4000 Credits
Iron Heart Creditsicon.png 8000 Credits
Bejeweled Heart Creditsicon.png 16000 Credits
Gilded Heart Creditsicon.png 32000 Credits
Elegant Heart Creditsicon.png 64000 Credits
Platinum Heart Creditsicon.png 128000 Credits
Regal Heart Creditsicon.png 256000 Credits
Imperial Heart Creditsicon.png 512000 Credits
Void Heart Creditsicon.png 768000 Credits
Legendary Heart Creditsicon.png 1024000 Credits
Nightmare Heart Creditsicon.png 1280000 Credits
Lord of All Hearts Creditsicon.png 1560000 Credits

Tiny Egg Creditsicon.png 500 Credits
Cracked Egg Creditsicon.png 1000 Credits
Simple Egg Creditsicon.png 2000 Credits
Large Egg Creditsicon.png 4000 Credits
Great Egg Creditsicon.png 8000 Credits
Perfect Egg Creditsicon.png 16000 Credits
Gilded Egg Creditsicon.png 32000 Credits
Bejeweled Egg Creditsicon.png 64000 Credits
Resplendent Egg Creditsicon.png 128000 Credits
Divine Egg Creditsicon.png 256000 Credits
Otherworldly Egg Creditsicon.png 512000 Credits
Chaotic Egg Creditsicon.png 768000 Credits
Legendary Egg Creditsicon.png 1024000 Credits
Nether Egg Creditsicon.png 1280000 Credits
Infinite Egg Creditsicon.png 1560000 Credits

Nightwraith Chop
Smooth Nightwraith Creditsicon.png 1000 Credits
Proto Nightwraith Chop Creditsicon.png 2000 Credits
Baby Nightwraith Chop Creditsicon.png 4000 Credits
Patchy Nightwraith Chop Creditsicon.png 8000 Credits
Nightwraith Chop Creditsicon.png 16000 Credits
Fierce Nightwraith Chop Creditsicon.png 32000 Credits
Berserker Nightwraith Chop Creditsicon.png 64000 Credits
Majestic Nightwraith Chop Creditsicon.png 128000 Credits
Epic Nightwraith Chop Creditsicon.png 256000 Credits
Legendary Nightwraith Chop Creditsicon.png 512000 Credits