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Level 30
Npc cinderella.png
Hi there, #CLASS. My name's Cinderella, I'm a scientist here conducting research on the local wildlife. You can pet the Squidlings if you want, just be careful- not everything is as dangerous as the Hazards, but you'd best be on your guard.

Make sure you don't break anything though- or you might be the subject of my next journal article...

Thanks to your efforts, the rogue archivist Davarril has been subdued...for now. His fellow archivists will try to undo the damage he did to himself with his wreckless research. If only he had followed proper lab safety!
Location: Biological Preserve
Shop: Cinderella's Inventory Tag-rare.png
Missions: Cinderella's Missions
  • Can appraise your Rarity Score for 500 Credits.
  • Can change your alignment to Legion.