Construction Concludes

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This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Construction Concludes
Event Mission
Avatar Mysterious Man.png
Location: Mysterious Man (Afterlife)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Legendary Titan once.
Reward: Roman's Inferior Replica Bot
Mission Chain: Roman's Infernal Pursuit 1
Weeding Out the Weak > Explosive Recipe > Knocking Skulls > A Drop of Green > A Drop of Blue > Construction Continues > Construction Concludes
Mission Text
Before Completion
I despise those who challenge the established order of Delta V. It was once such an efficient and lucrative enterprise, laid low by the wretches who resented their betters. There is only one challenger, one usurper, that remains in between you and your reward. Go forth in search of the "god" they call Legendary Titan and teach this pretender an overdue lesson in humility!
After Completion
It seems you have passed the all the trials and have earned this robot as a reward for all that you've accomplished. Our contract is complete. Take your prize and destroy what falls in your path!