Defensive Demolition

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Defensive Demolition
Permanent Mission
Avatar AI Trainer Delta.png
Location: AI Trainer Delta (Feldspar Flats)
Objective: Turn in 1 Corrupted Chip.
Reward: 800 Credits
Mission Chain: A New World (Tutorial)
Take Out the Trash > Cruel Collection > Defensive Demolition > Righteous Resistance
Mission Text
Before Completion
All attacks deal either physical or energy damage.

The Boss Junker ahead appears to have low Resistance, making him weak to Energy attacks. Use your new Outlaw E gun or any skill with a blue border to do extra damage. Once you have defeated the Junker, return with its Corrupted Chip.
After Completion
Excellent. Finding vulnerabilities in your opponents is key to success in battle. You must also be aware of these weaknesses in yourself.

Proceed to the next area when you are ready.