Expected Betrayal

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Expected Betrayal
Permanent Mission
Avatar Nightwraith.png
Location: Nightwraith (Wasteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Nightwraith once.
Reward: 1v1 Contract Complete
Mission Chain: Bounty Bored
Casual Contract > Rookie Contract > Fighter Contract > Soldier Contract > Veteran Contract > Warrior Contract > Champion Contract > Heroic Contract > Expert Contract > Epic Contract > Expected Betrayal
Mission Text
Before Completion
*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* Looks like my experiment in subcontracting paid off big time! You saved me a lot of time and energy fulfilling these contracts for me. Now, it's time to relieve you of your burden of Credits. I have a reputation to uphold, after all.

I'm taking the reward for myself unless you can defeat me in one-on-one combat! Ready? Bring it!
After Completion
Looks like you got the best of me. I thought after all those battles, you'd be all tucked out. Easy pickings for my blades. I miscalculated, obviously.

Here! Take this badge and leave me be. Please, promise not to tell anyone about this.