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Factions are united groups of players fighting for the same cause. A faction can consist of up to 18 players, which includes 1 Founder and up to 6 officers.



In the tutorial stage of account creation, you chose to join either the Legion army or the Exile resistance. There is currently an ongoing war between the two alignments.

Icon legion 32x32.png Legion

Quote.pngBigTuna wrote:
The Legion are those loyal to Baelius and trust in their benevolent leader to rule Delta V. Before the War, Baelius' brutal methods of maintaining order caused a split amongst his labor-force. Those that dissented joined the Uprising, a rebellious group of brigands and profiteers who sought to form a coup against Baelius. Those who believed the resistance was the cause of Baelius' ruthless punishment formed The Legion. These loyalists were essentially fighting a two-front battle: They had to put down the Uprising where they could with one hand and steel themselves against the brutality of Baelius' totalitarian reprisal with the other.

Some say The Legion's staunch devotion is folly. Others believe The Legion are the hardened defenders of a renewed future of prosperity and peace on Delta V.

For The Legion, the return to Delta V from exile was the beginning of a new era. A new war has begun for them, one which they must not lose if they wish to see order restored to a broken and divided Delta V. The Legion will stand against the chaos-mongers and fight for a final victory on a world they wish to call home once again.

Will you fight for the future of Delta V? Will you fight for Baelius' forgotten army?

Icon exile 32x32.png Exile

Quote.pngBigTuna wrote:
The term "Exile" describes anyone banished during the War when Baelius' "Efficiency Solution" went into effect. Yet, only those who fought for the Uprising wear this badge with pride.

Throughout its history, the human race has proven time and again that it will not suffer an oppressive ruler. Baelius was no exception. The Uprising formed as a direct result of his tightening grip and the cries of "This will not stand!" shook Baelius' citadel walls and echoed through the mines. Uprising fought tooth and nail against the hardened Legion forces and their endless ranks of automated reinforcements. With Oz, an ex-Shock Trooper as their leader, the Uprising scratched inch by inch to the brink of victory.

Betrayal ended the siege of Baelius' grand Citadel and stole the lives of those closest to Oz. The final nail in the coffin came when the forces colliding in battle were banished to a realm between worlds. One of chaos and without time.

But now the Uprising has returned, proudly waving the Exile banner! For them, the War never ended and new leaders have risen to the challenge of freeing Delta V's people! The challenge now lies in unifying the Exile forces against a common foe.

So, Exile, are you prepared to fight for your freedom?

You can create your own faction by clicking the faction button at the Heads Up Display (orange Yin and Yang symbol.) Creating a faction costs 15000 Credits or 300 Varium. During this process, you need to choose the a unique name for it and can choose flag design which may be edited later. The alignment of your faction must be the same as your current alignment. Each faction comes with Faction Headquarters that vary in appearance depending on your faction's alignment.

In order to join a faction, you must receive an invite from the faction leader or an officer. You can only be recruited by a faction in your alignment. Faction recruitment can be done in-game or on the forums. If you wish to advertise your faction or if you are looking to join one, you may use the EpicDuel Faction Recruitment Section or by posting your faction in the EpicDuel Faction List.

Each player in a faction can is assigned one of 3 ranks: Founder, Officer or Member. Each of them are explained more specifically below.

Founder =

The Founder is the creator of the faction, otherwise known as the faction leader. The Founder of a faction can promote an officer to the founder rank and step down to officer rank.

A Founder has the following abilities:

  • Private Messaging Faction members
  • Posting on the NoteBot
  • Clearing Messages from the NoteBot
  • Recruiting Members
  • Promoting Members to Officers
  • Promoting Officer to Founder (if this is done the previous founder will be demoted to the rank of officer)
  • Demoting Officers to Members
  • Edit titles of the Faction Founder and Officers
  • Remove players from the faction
  • Change the Faction Flag Design / Colors


Up to 6 players can be promoted to Officer rank by the Founder of a faction. Members can be promoted to officers by the faction founder. Most of the time, officers are tasked to recruit new members to the faction.

Officers have the following abilities:

  • Privating Messaging Faction members
  • Posting on the NoteBot
  • Clearing Messages from the NoteBot
  • Recruiting Members


All other non-ranking players in a faction are considered Members.

Members have the following abilities:

  • Private Messaging Faction members
  • Posting on the NoteBot
  • Clearing own Messages from the NoteBot

Factions can gain influence and level up according to their overall performance. Factions are awarded influence based on the achievements listed below. Faction Influence is a number that represents your faction's power within the world of Delta V. As your faction earns more influence it will rise in the ranks of all the factions on Delta V.

At the end of each day, the Exile and Legion faction with the most influence is awarded World Domination achievement.

Earning Personal Influence

Using a War items on an active War Objective is the only way to earn personal influence (See War).

Earning Faction Influence

The personal influence gained by a member of a faction while in that faction directly contributes to the faction's total influence. If a member leaves the faction, their influence is not removed from the faction's total. However, if they join the same faction again, their influence will be reset to zero.

Other ways that a faction can gain influence include:

  • Alignment Victory - 250 Influence
  • Faction 1v1 Champion - 1000 Influence
  • Faction 2v2 Champion - 1000 Influence
  • Faction Jug Champion - 1000 Influence
  • World Domination - 2500 Influence

Losing Influence

  • A faction loses no Influence points if a player leaves the faction.
  • A faction loses 20 Influence points if a player is booted out of the faction. If you boot an inactive member (30 days or more), there is a 50% discount in penalty.
  • A faction loses 20 Influence points if a player runs from a battle or disconnects.

Factions gain levels by increasing their faction influence. Here you can see how many influence each level requires:

  1. Recruits 0 - 2,499
  2. Initiates 2,500 - 4,999
  3. Militia 5,000 - 9,999
  4. Squad 10,000 - 24,999
  5. Enforcers 25,000 - 49,999
  6. Syndicate 50,000 - 99,999
  7. Coalition 100,000 - 249,999
  8. Veterans 250,000 - 499,999
  9. Guardians 500,000 - 999,999
  10. Harbingers 1,000,000 - 2,499,999
  11. Champions 2,500,000 - 4,999,999
  12. Grand Champions 5,000,000 - 7,499,999
  13. Duel Masters 7,500,000 - 9,999,999
  14. Juggernauts 10,000,000 - 14,999,999
  15. Immortals 15,000,000 - 19,999,999
  16. Immortal Champions 20,000,000 - 24,999,999
  17. Immortal Legends 25,000,000 - 29,999,999
  18. Eternal Legends 30,000,000+

The Faction War is an ongoing battle against the Factions of Legion and the Factions of Exile. At the end of every day, members of the factions that have the most daily Faction Influence for both alignments are awarded the World Domination Achievement. The influence count resets for all factions at the end of the server day. At the end of each day, the alignment that is currently winning the war, is awarded an alignment win. Alignment wins can be seen on the faction page. Alignment wins and World Domination achievements are only awarded during wartime.

There is currently no way for Factions to switch alignments with disbanding and recreating themselves. However, players may switch their own alignments during the cooldown periods between wars, but it will cost 1,250 Varium to switch from the alignment with the larger player base to the alignment with the smaller player base. In order to switch alignments, you must first leave your Faction. You may only change alignments once per month.

  • Check the Faction List for a list of all factions with a wiki page.