Fighter Bros

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Fighter Bros
Permanent Mission
Avatar Nightwraith.png
Location: Nightwraith (Wasteland)
Objective: Win 10 random team (2vs2) battles.
Reward: 500 Credits
Mission Chain: Super Bounty Bros
Casual Bros > Rookie Bros > Fighter Bros > Soldier Bros > Veteran Bros > Warrior Bros > Champion Bros > Heroic Bros > Expert Bros > Epic Bros > Another Betrayal
Mission Text
Before Completion
I hear some attacks you can hit multiple targets at once! Sounds powerful. You ever done something like that? Anyway, thought that might help ya. Give ya an edge. *wink*

Claim victory in 10 2v2 battles to complete the contract and receive your reward!
After Completion
Did you do the multiple hit thing like I told ya? What would you youngsters do without my sage wisdom.