Harrowing Harvest (Mission Chain)

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Harrowing Harvest (Mission Chain)
Mission Name Starts From Objective Reward
Seasonal Shipment Hank (Fortune City) Item Turn-In 2000 Credits
Prowling for Pumpkins Hank (Fortune City) Item Turn-In 1000 Credits
Candy Delivery Xraal (Biological Preserve) Item Turn-In 1000 Credits
Ooooo Piece of Candy Xraal (Biological Preserve) Item Turn-In Arcade Token
Sugar Rush Xraal (Biological Preserve) Challenge - NPC 1500 Credits
Electro Light Display Xraal (Biological Preserve) Challenge - NPC 500 Credits
Exterminator Snork (Wasteland) Challenge - NPC 2500 Credits
Greedy Harvest Snork (Wasteland) PvP - Any 2000 Credits
Harvest Companion Snork (Wasteland) PvP - 2vs2 1000 Credits
Harvest Tradition Snork (Wasteland) Challenge - NPC Harrowing Harvest