Increase Security

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Increase Security
Event Mission
Avatar Overlord Guard.png
Location: Overlord Guard (Overlord Facility)
Objective: Challenge and defeat 5 players.
Reward: 500 Credits
Mission Chain: Overlord Ops
Increase Security > What's in the Box? > Gathering Intel > The Tip Off > Get the Facts
Mission Text
Before Completion
Harrumph, this used to be a facility where it was nice and quiet. A simple guard could sleep most of the day on duty. But now...look at this place -- too many people around to keep an eye on. Be a pal and help me clear the area of suspicious individuals. Win 5 challenge battles, and I'll split this week's pay check with you.
After Completion
Ahhh... thank you. Less people to keep watch over, the more secure this place is.