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This NPC was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Level 35
Yaaaaay! We did it, Meat Shield! You're the best Meat Shield EVER! You can barely even tell where the Chairman hit you! Honest!

We sure kicked those EbilCorp goons into the next galaxy! I bet they're running back home to their grannies right now! I'm almost sad to see them go -- my swingin' arm was just gettin' warmed up! So, it seems my work here is nearly done. NEARLY!

The Chairman isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Why don't we go pummel him some more -- I'm sure he's nice and squishy after all those beatings! Squish!

C'mon Meat Shield! Let's Duel On!
Location: Fortune City
Shop: Kimberly's Inventory
Missions: Kimberly's Missions
  • Can customize your character's appearance.