Legendary Open Contract

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Legendary Open Contract
Permanent Mission
Avatar Nightwraith.png
Location: Nightwraith (Wasteland)

Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 1 time:

Legendary Charfade
Legendary Big Tuna
Legendary Titan
Reward: 25000 Credits
Mission Chain: Open Bounty
Open Contract > Large Open Contract > Great Open Contract > Veteran Open Contract > Heroic Open Contract > Expert Open Contract > Epic Open Contract > Ultimate Open Contract > Legendary Open Contract > Personal Open Contract > Bounty Buster
Mission Text
Before Completion
This next bounty will have you fighting beings more powerful than your average Delta V punks. I'm talking gods and interdimensional engineers! I'd do it myself, but you're on a roll!

Defeat Legendary Charfade, Big Tuna, or Titan to complete the contract and receive your reward!
After Completion
They didn't give you too much trouble, did they? Hey, if they did, it's a learning experience! Right? Anything that doesn't kill you, gives you and opportunity to buy robot arms!