Not Hockey Pads

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Not Hockey Pads
Permanent Mission
Avatar Deuce.png
Location: Deuce (Wasteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat City Guard 5 times.
Reward: 500 Credits
Mission Chain: Deuces Wild
Not Hockey Pads > 2 Ply Kevlar > Steel Shell > Glowing Guardsman > Goop Troop > Egg Fuel > Schematic Scheme > Time to Think > Hard Bargain > Harder Bargain
Mission Text
Before Completion
Hello, friend. It's been awhile. In my solitude I've had much time to contemplate my role in this world. I believe I have plans for something that could help you and others like you survive this cruel planet. I call it the ProtoSartorium Armor! I have the plans right here in my noggin, but there's a serious lack of viable materials down here. Could you help me assemble the parts I require? First I'll need a base. Simple armor, like the kind the City Guards wear. Defeating 5 City Guards should provide enough materials to get started.
After Completion
This will make a fine base, but it's lighter than I supposed. Hmmm...