Nursing to Health

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Nursing to Health
Permanent Mission
Avatar Mort.png
Location: Mort (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 2 Health Sludge
Reward: 700 Credits
Mission Chain: The Inventor's Right Hand
I Spy > Proof of Persistence > Nursing to Health > Malfunctioning Wife
Mission Text
Before Completion
Upon our return from the exile, St. Alban hired me to assist the "inventor," most commonly known as Ulysses. I was in dire need of money at the time, and Ulysses needed repairs - put the two together, and you get me.
I had to get medical supplies for Ulysses as he was recovering. Gauze, painkillers, nanomedicines -- that kind of stuff. Whilst we're at it, can you get me some of the supplies? Namely
Health Sludge from Xraal.
After Completion
Excelent. Where were we again? Ah yes, helping ulysses revover.
I worked directly under Shadow Guard's respected Security Officer, Paloma San Marco, allowing me to get in and out of classified areas without much trouble, thus allowing me to, let's say, "gather" the medical supplies whenever I needed them. Until this days, I'm surprised no one has foud it remotely suspicious, that the supplies kept going missing. If I were to count all the stolen goods since Day 1, I would have enough to start my own business: selling medical supplies!