Rusted Mini Rex P

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Limited Rare
This robot was introduced with a limited quantity available for sale and may currently be out of stock.

Rusted Mini Rex P

1100 Rarity Score (?)

Robot Details
Damage: 175 + (Technology Bonus) + (Focus Level x 40)
Damage Type: Physical
Special Ability:
Rusted Dino Bite P
Use unbreakable metal jaws to inflict Physical damage.
Rusted Dino Fire P
Fire a Physical beam with bonus damage of 7% of your target's max Health (Max 500).
Location: Charfade (Barrens Outpost)
Credit Price: Creditsicon.png 100000
Credit Sellback: Creditsicon.png 50000

Rusted Dino Bite P


Rusted Dino Fire P