Steve 2.0

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Steve 2.0
Hey there [Class]! Ugh, what awful colors! Do you ocular receptors need recalibrated?

Allow me to customize your armor ... for a small fee of course.
Location: Fortune City
Shop: Steve 2.0's Inventory
Missions: Steve 2.0's Missions
Drops: Advanced Paint Kit
Stats & Skills
1000 Health
950 Energy
Primary: Energy Damage (Beleen's Beam Sword)
Sidearm: Energy Damage (Bareknuckle Blaster E)

Berzerker.png BunkerBuster.png DoubleStrike.png FieldMedic.png PlasmaRain.png

Awards Steve 2.0's Chassis achievement if defeated.
  • Can customize your character's appearance.
  • Can tell you how much time is left in the daily competitions.