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This template is used to create NPC pages.

All NPC pages must follow the EpicDuel Wiki Rules and Editing Requirements. For help with creating NPC pages, you can visit the Wiki Tutorial and Help with Formatting Pages.

 |Image= NPCName.png

 |Name= NPC Name
 |Text= In-game text of NPC, use Template:Collapsed for additional text if necessary

 |Location= [[Area Name]]
 |Shop= [[NPC Name's Inventory]] (may be autogenerated)
 |Missions= [[NPC Name's Missions]] (may be autogenerated)
 |Drops= [[Drop Name 1]]<br>[[Drop Name 2]]

 |Level= 40
 |Health= 1000
 |Energy= 1000

 |Primary= Energy
 |PrimaryWeapon= Weapon Name
 |Sidearm= Physical
 |SidearmWeapon= Weapon Name
 |Auxiliary= Physical
 |AuxiliaryWeapon= Weapon Name

{{npcSkill|Skill Name}}
{{npcSkill|Skill Name}}
{{npcSkill|Skill Name}}

 |Achievement= Achievement Name
 |Legendary= Legendary NPC Name (may be autogenerated)

 |Notes= * Optional Notes