Saeva Lionhart

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Saeva Lionhart
Greetings, mortal. This world belonged to the Lionhart Empire for a thousand generations before Baelius reached this system, and soon I shall reclaim it! I will overcome this feeble prison and rain a terrible vengeance upon this world!

Though I am profoundly disappointed in my children for failing to stop you, I knew this confrontation was inevitable. Truly you are a bold and delusional creature if you dare confront me in my inner sanctum.

Prepare yourself for oblivion, human!
Location: Overlord Facility
Drops: Lionhart's Scepter
Stats & Skills
Stats Skills
Level: Boss
Health: 10000
Energy: 5000
BloodLust.png Blood Lust
Bludgeon.png Bludgeon (Level 10)
FieldMedic.png Field Medic (Level ?)
Fire Scythe.png Fire Scythe (Level 10)
PlasmaBolt.png Plasma Bolt (Level 9)
PlasmaCannon.png Plasma Cannon (Level 10)
PlasmaGrenade.png Plasma Grenade (Level 9)
PlasmaRain.png Plasma Rain (Level 9)
Overload.png Overload (Level 10)
Reroute.png Reroute
Saeva Lionhart.png