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You have no business down here, #CLASS, unless, of course, bringing death and destruction is your business.

I may be willing to part with some of my personal stash... for the right price. Trust me, these babies aren't Hank's specials.
Location: Wasteland
Shop: Snork's Inventory
Missions: Snork's Missions
Missions: Bloodbath
Brothers in Arms
Test Your Might
Ooky Spooky Tag-rare.png
Respite for the Fallen Tag-rare.png
Drops: Bio Hazard Husk Tag-rare.png
Ebil Hazard Husk Tag-rare.png
Stats & Skills
Stats Skills
Level: 30
Health: 2000
Energy: 2000
Defense: 270 - 330
Resistance: 250 - 300
Primary: ?? - ?? (Energy Damage) Gatekeeper Staff
Sidearm: ?? - ?? (Physical Damage) Dark Star
Berzerker.png Berzerker (Level 2)
Bludgeon.png Bludgeon (Level 8)
DoubleStrike.png Double Strike (Level 5)
FieldMedic.png Field Medic (Level 3)
PlasmaBolt.png Plasma Bolt (Level 8)
Overload.png Overload (Level 3)
  • Can be challenged.
  • Can appraise your Rarity Score for 500 Credits.
Npc snork.PNG