A Challenging Request

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A Challenging Request
Permanent Mission
Avatar Conductor.png
Location: Conductor (Central Station)
Objective: Challenge and defeat 1 player.
Reward: 50 Credits
Mission Chain: Welcome to Delta V (Mission Chain)
Welcome Committee > Team Building Exercises > A Challenging Request > Beginner Buying > Rise Against the Guard
Mission Text
Before Completion
Feeling the need for a friendly spar? To try out new weapons or stats placements, Citizens can challenge one another. To challenge another Citizen, go up to them and click on the character. A display with several options will appear, including a challenge button. Challenge and defeat one other Citizen and report back!
After Completion
You may have noticed that challenge battles give no rewards. These battles are “just for fun” -- there are no level requirements, and no penalties for losing! That’s about it for basic battle mechanics -- go find the Junker for more on how to use credits and items!