A Good Explanation For This (Maybe)

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A Good Explanation For This (Maybe)
Permanent Mission
Avatar Bido.png
Location: Bido (Afterlife)
Objective: Win 10 random solo (1vs1) or team (2vs2) battles.
Reward: Arcade Token
Mission Chain: Investigating with Bido
Snack Showdown > Reverse Engineering 101 > A Good Explanation For This (Maybe) > Stayin' Alive > Testing 1,2,3...
Mission Text
Before Completion
Ah, how rude of me! TO think that I just forgot that you were here - well, you must not have been too memorable. But since you're still around, you can help me with my next inquiry! Have you ever wondered why robots aren't ruling the world? We're stronger, faster, sturdier, more intelligent, and can repair ourselves far more efficiently. Why, if I were Baelius, I'd be building a personal army of robots!

Give me the battle data from 10 PvP fights so that I can solve this mystery.
After Completion
Wow! There's some incredible data right here! There's way more to humans than I first thought - how can bludgeoning someone with a stick do as much damage as launching a rocket to their face? How can they routinely survive lightning bolts and artillery strikes? And most mysteriously, how do losers get back to full health immediately after being beaten senseless? It's almost as if we're living in a virtual reality made by beings from another dimension!