A Hazardous Situation

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A Hazardous Situation
Event Mission
Avatar Oz.png
Location: Oz (Central Station)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Armor Hazard 1 time.
Reward: 10000 Credits
Mission Chain: Digital X's Celtic Creation
Celtic Conditioning > A Hazardous Situation > A Dual Duel > Serious Supplies > Analysis Required > Making a List > Checking It Twice > Rounding Up > Luck of the Irish > Celtic Creation Complete
Mission Text
Before Completion
I don’t like the way that Armor Hazard is staring everyone down at Fortune City. Go teach it a lesson it won’t forget!
After Completion
He wasn’t so tough after all, he just looks it! Nightwraith was mentioning earlier how he can beat ANYONE! Go show him who the boss is!