Administrator 12

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Administrator 12
What brings you to the Afterlife? Glorious battle? A long life well-lived? Choked on a cough drop?

Wait…you’re alive, aren’t you? That Northern Witch Aldhagrimm must have had something to do with it. The day she died, the Void opened up and these creatures started terrorizing us. It’s bad enough that all of Delta V’s dead are stuck in this Purgatory without glimpse of Hades or Paradise, but now we have to deal with Void Creatures, Demons, and now, the Living.

I remember you, Citizen. While I have been relieved of my Administrative duties, I will ask that you respect the authority I earned while I was alive. I have several tasks for you.
Location: Afterlife
Shop: Administrator 12's Inventory
Missions: Administrator 12's Missions

This NPC was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Administrator 12
Another [CLASS] poking his nose where it doesn't belong. I'm Administrator 12 and I oversee this section of Fortune City. If my guards catch you brandishing that [YOUR WEAPON TYPE] with ill intent, they will dispose of your filth...vigorously.
Location: Fortune City
Shop: Administrator 12's Inventory
Missions: Administrator 12's Missions
Stats & Skills
175 Health
125 Energy
Primary: Energy Damage (Mega Knuckles 2)
Sidearm: Physical Damage (Mark 2)

CheapShot.png FieldMedic.png Reroute.png StunGrenade.png

  • Can change your class for 450 Varium or 25,000 Credits.
  • Can change your name for 1100 Varium.