Beast Initiation

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Beast Initiation
Event Mission
Avatar Galatea.png
Location: Galatea (Wasteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Galatea 1 time.
Reward: Health Sludge
Mission Chain: Origin of the Species
Beast Initiation > Beast Patrol > Bio Guard Rejects > Requirement Not Met > Bloody Research > Insider Information > Fluffy Liberator > Frysteland Fauna > Cite Sources > Freedom of Information
Mission Text
Before Completion
Have you ever wondered where the Bio Hazards and Frysteland monstrosities came from? Their origins lie in the ruins of an old Legion research facility that dates back to before the Banishment. The information was wiped from Legion systems long ago, but it lives on in my memory. Before I tell you more, I will need you to fight me lest we raise suspicion from Alydriah's spies.
After Completion
All clear? Good. Take some Health Sludge for your troubles and wounds. I have plenty. Now let me tell you the origins of the Bio Hazards.