Freedom of Information

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Freedom of Information
Event Mission
Avatar Galatea.png
Location: Galatea (Wasteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Mutant Gene A and 1 Mutant Gene B.
Reward: BioBeasts Backstory
Mission Chain: Origin of the Species
Beast Initiation > Beast Patrol > Bio Guard Rejects > Requirement Not Met > Bloody Research > Insider Information > Fluffy Liberator > Frysteland Fauna > Cite Sources > Freedom of Information
Mission Text
Before Completion
If you still have them, please return the Mutant Gene samples I gave you earlier. I believe I'm finally able to secure them and distribute my findings to Delta V's Darknet.
After Completion
If Alydriah accidentally created smart beasts - beasts that were able to break their bonds and escape into the wilds of Delta V - perhaps some are still i hiding. Maybe Alydriah wasn't just creating beasts in Frysteland to fight the Exiles, maybe she was creating them to defend herself from the monsters out there longing for a taste of her metallic blood. If they exist I'm sure we'll see them soon enough. The question is: Will they be friend or foe?