Crushing Chitin

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Crushing Chitin
Permanent Mission
Avatar Slayer.png
Location: Slayer (Barrens Outpost)
Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 6 times:
Light Mechachillid
Medium Mechachillid
Heavy Mechachillid
Reward: 800 Credits
Mission Chain: Slayer's Bounty (Mission Chain)
Marauder Matchup > Hazard Handler > Arctic Antagonism > Crushing Chitin > Dragonoid Duster > Bone Breaker > Abyss Anarchy > Preternatural Prey > Monarch Massacre > Slayer's Slaughter
Mission Text
Before Completion
This world has birthed creatures both of flesh and bone and of wires and steel. I know not of their origin, but the Mechachillids that scuttle throughout the Infernal Mines pose a real threat if left unchecked. What do you think would happen if their hive were to grow large enough? I respect their hive, but I respect the Natural Order more. Do your duty by culling 6 Mechachillids from the Infernal Mines.
After Completion
Mechachillids...who came up with that name anyway? Doesn't exactly roll of the tongue. Maybe...Bug...Oids? Insecto...Trons? Bah! Leave the taxonomy to the Archivists!

Ah! Your reward!