Executive Suite

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Executive Suite
Event Mission
Avatar Krampus Technician.png
Location: Krampus Technician (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 Solar Collector D.
Reward: Collector Cleanser
Mission Chain: Corporate Overlord Part 1
Reaper Revolt > Feeble Freelancers > Unwanted Innovation > A Price for Everything > Yeti Hulk Havoc > Networking Opportunities > Pipeline Disruption > Construction Crackdown > Speak to the Manager > Royal Beast Mode > Executive Suite
Mission Text
Before Completion
There must be at least one Collector left, and it's pumping out a strong enough signal to enrage the Elite Yeti. I've calculated it's location at Titan's Peak. Take it out immediately before it starts influencing humans!
After Completion
Who would be bold enough to install one of these under Titan's nose? The Legion must be truly desperate to take such chances.

I've analized Boothe's communicator and found numerous encrypted messages about the Collectors to someone called "Iron Husk" who's operating out of the Wasteland region. Ring a bell?