Speak to the Manager

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Speak to the Manager
Event Mission
Avatar Krampus Technician.png
Location: Krampus Technician (Frysteland)
Objective: Turn in 1 PCD.
Reward: 5000 Credits
Mission Chain: Corporate Overlord Part 1
Reaper Revolt > Feeble Freelancers > Unwanted Innovation > A Price for Everything > Yeti Hulk Havoc > Networking Opportunities > Pipeline Disruption > Construction Crackdown > Speak to the Manager > Royal Beast Mode > Executive Suite
Mission Text
Before Completion
I think it's time you paid Edgar Boothe a visit to let him know what his underlings have been up to under his watch. He's a stubborn man, so you may need to be aggressive to find information of value.
After Completion
I'm sorry your meeting had to come to violence, but if he lashed out, he must be hiding something. I'm impressed you were able to get his Personal Communication Device without his notice. If he knows about the Collectors, this tiny slate should have all the information we need to prove it.

What's this? An urgent call from King Alaric? You'd better get there now! I hope I'm not in any trouble!