Helter Smelter

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Helter Smelter
Permanent Mission
Avatar Hank.png
Location: Hank (Fortune City)
Objective: Turn in 1 Bronze.
Reward: 400 Credits
Mission Chain: Repurposing
Trashville > Helter Smelter > Thirsty Hank > Hank's Revenger > Trash Train > Positive Enforcement > Precious Data > I've Got the Power > Fortune City Soldier
Mission Text
Before Completion
Hmm, interesting. Some of that trash you collected is valuable - well, the metals are. I may be able to reuse some of this stuff, but I need a few more materials to make that possible. I need a great deal of Bronze, think my old friend Mirv in the Barrens Outpost may have some
After Completion
Great! That's it! This will be perfect for what I'm planning on making!