Trash Train

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Trash Train
Permanent Mission
Avatar Hank.png
Location: Hank (Fortune City)
Objective: Turn in 1 Pile of Trash E, 1 Pile of Trash F and 1 Pile of Trash G.
Reward: Tree Leaf Fossil
Mission Chain: Repurposing
Trashville > Helter Smelter > Thirsty Hank > Hank's Revenger > Trash Train > Positive Enforcement > Precious Data > I've Got the Power > Fortune City Soldier
Mission Text
Before Completion
The damage to my personal project is larger than I thought. I’m going to need more materials to get this done. Think you could scope out Central Station for more trash? There may be more of those valuable metals lying around.
After Completion
Great! This will do the job! Hmm, I really don’t have any more Credits to give you right now. So how about I give you this -- it’s a Tree Leaf Fossil a client brought in. Tamaril might like to analyze and add it to the Archives, but only for a price! Go talk to him in the Archives in the Biological Preserve to see if he’s interested.