Lucky Lagomorphs

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Lucky Lagomorphs
Event Mission
Avatar Myxoma.png
Location: Myxoma (Biological Preserve)
Objective: Turn in 1 Charm Bracelet.
Reward: Lagomorph Charms
Mission Chain: Rabbits Return Part 1
Bunny Bribe > Rabbit Rocket Science > Artificial Sweetener > Research Resume > Natural Fruit Flavor > Nice Shiny Coat > Bunny Brawl > Prince Charming > Lucky Lagomorphs
Mission Text
Before Completion
What do you want from me, human? We've been scrambling around this rock for years dodging Hazard jaws and Legion shock batons and I'm fed up! These days I just feel there's no hope. Why continue to fight against the inevitable?
After Completion
What is this...I...I can't believe this. This is probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. I'll have to give all those other bunny punks a love punch next time I see them!

I'm not crying, I just have allergies! Have you SEEN the pollen around here?