Marauding Menace

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This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and may no longer be available.

Marauding Menace
Event Mission
Avatar Mirv.png
Location: Mirv (Barrens Outpost)
Challenge and defeat any of the following NPCs 10 times:
Marauder Hulk
Reward: 3000 Credits
Mission Chain: Infernal Quest Part 1
Infernal Malfunction > Curious Corruption > Defragmentation > Marauding Menace > Data Recovery (Mirv) > Infernal Blueprint (Mission) > Shard Search (Kraggor) > Delta Core Retrieval > Infernal Charge > Still Charging > Infernal Redemption
Mission Text
Before Completion
It seems every time someone brings something shiny and new to my humble little abode the Marauders know about it instantly. Do they have their own social media network thingie? MaraudaChat or Maraudr?

Whatever it is, they'll be knocking down my door in a few minutes unless you can clear them out and assert dominance! 10 should be enough to send a message.
After Completion
They're falling back! Great! We're almost done recovering your blueprint data, and everything should go smoothly unless...