Nightmare's End (Mission)

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Nightmare's End (Mission)
Event Mission
Avatar Thalyssa.png
Location: Thalyssa (West Naval Yard)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Nightmare Kartherax 1 time.
Reward: Nightmare Kartherax Cell
Mission Chain: The Pirate's Nightmare Part 2
Dreams of the Void > The Nightmare Spreads > Nightmare Prince > Nightmare Tether > Dreams of the Dead > Nightmare Gate > Nightmare Preppers > Prisoner of the Nightmare > Nightmare's End (Mission) > The Waking World
Mission Text
Before Completion
It should have been obvious all along that Nightmare Kartherax is the source. I guess I let my hatred of Shoggoth cloud my judgement. I should have known he's been a hollowed-out husk for years. His mind belongs to the darkness completely.

Defeat Nightmare Kartherax to end the Nightmare for good!
After Completion
You did it! You've slain the beast! The control it was exerting over the Pirate Soldiers seems to have lifted. I guess time will tell if a Nightmare can stay dead.

Oh? And you retrieved a sample from it? This should be useful...for someone who knows anything about Biology. Maybe Xraal can help with that?