Project Delta

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Project Delta
Permanent Mission
Avatar M4tr1x.png
Location: M4tr1x (Overlord Facility)
Objective: Turn in 1 Tungsten, 1 Platinum and 1 Gold
Reward: 1000 Credits
Mission Chain: Dawn of Delta V
Stories of the Past > Project Delta > Mine for Memories > QED > Baelius' Pact > The Banishment
Mission Text
Before Completion
Now, you will see the past as it was during Baelius' arrival to Delta V. Baelius' an interstellar magnate, sought to expand his organization throught mining valuable minerals, such as tungsten, platinum, and gold. However, what he found was Varium.

In the Wasteland Mines, you will find each of the minerals mentioned above; collect them and we will continue. Until the miners - who risked their lives to mine it - you will merely need to collect it from deep within the mines.
After Completion
Well done. Varium was more valuable than any other mineral you could find across the galaxy. Whit the help of a few investors, Project Delta began. The initial cost was steep, but the initial investment soon paid handsome dividends. Baelius' profits skyrocketed within the first few years, creating the illusion of prosperity and opportunity for those seeking a better life. Whit that, the population of Delta V continued to expand, with people coming from cross galaxies in search for fortune.