Target: Dage the Evil

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Seasonal Rare
This mission was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and will return if said event occurs again.

Target: Dage the Evil
Event Mission
Avatar Nightwraith.png
Location: Nightwraith (Wasteland)
Objective: Challenge and defeat Dage the Evil 1 time.
Reward: 40000 Credits
Mission Chain: Night's Boss Blitz (Mission Chain)
Target: Theon > Target: Bido > Target: Deuce > Target: Seth Juron > Target: Revontheus > Target: Darkon > Target: Rabblefroth > Target: Charfade > Target: Titan > Target: Dage the Evil > Target: Acatriel > Target: REDACTED
Mission Text
Before Completion
Dage the Evil is a bad enough dude to have a reputation that transcends this Universe. Take him down if you can and receive a mighty reward!

You can find him somewhere in the Wasteland Minetower. Keep your eyes peeled since you might have to enter a mystic portal to find his lair.
After Completion
It's not every day I'm graced with the presence of someone who has defeated a real life (or un-life) undead overlord! Respect!