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Commander Boothe's betrayal in Frysteland was
unexpected, but a minor setback in the grand
scheme of things. I have far more important
tasks to attend to here than administrating
backwater territories, anyway. He and his
loyalists can rot in that frigid wasteland for all I

Oh, I didn't see you standing there...tracking
your filth all over my nano-reactive marble floor.
I am Alydriah, chief Administrator of Fortune City
and Commander of the Legion forces. I only
answer to Magistrate Baelius, and I have little
time for chit chat. It seems that my methods are
considered extreme by Exile and Legion forces
alike. Rest assured, those who are too weak to
realize Baelius' glorious vision for Delta V's
future will fall under steel-plated boot heel!
Location: Frysteland
Shop: Alydriah's Inventory Tag-rare.png
Missions: Alydriah's Missions
Drops: Nemesis Egg
  • Level 50
  • Can change your class for 900 Varium or 50,000 Credits.